At “Generation Success” Foundation, we are passionate about encouraging current and future generations of professionals to be the best they can be. Our mission is to advance social mobility by empowering young people of diversity to reach their career aspirations. The aim is to remove barriers and allow them to connect with organisations, creating equal access and opportunities for a fairer world.

“Generation Success” Foundation is a social nonprofit enterprise with a noble mission to create equal access to career opportunities for everyone and thus push the world in a fairer direction. We work daily for a society where everyone will be appraised by their skills and character, not due to their unequal background.

To achieve this transformation of the environment, there are a few mainstay activities for our team. Identifying and developing talented individuals from less privileged and under-supported backgrounds is a priority. The second, equally important step is to put them in direct contact with our partners. This way, we are supporting the young generation in their journey to join the world of work.

Also, we help promising young professionals choose their career paths and get on the fast lane toward a fulfilling career. We accelerate their growth because, in the ranks of our contributors, we have many highly-capable and passionate experts desiring to mentor the next generation. With their help, the mentees can have their priorities straightened up. They can become active members of interest groups and network with like-minded individuals. Without a doubt, among the most significant benefits for the young talent is how our community helps them overcome their doubts and limiting beliefs. Alongside the moral and strategic support that we provide for those young people, we have created many extra levers that we pull for them. With those tools, they learn and become equipped with the necessary skills to dive into their future careers.

After those able young people are ready and have chosen their career paths, it is time for our team to help them go to the next phase. That is possible thanks to one of our most powerful tools – the opportunity to partner them with organisations that can further support their personal development and provide a healthy professional environment.

The young experts can boldly approach their career aspirations thanks to those organisations. To provide this network for them, we’ve worked enthusiastically in the past. The result is that today our beneficients have access to industry experts, to industry insider events, and can be in touch with a network of 6000+ people. In this group, we have many business leaders companies who are/have supported our organisation.

Finally, we want to share a quote describing our mission appropriately: “The future is in our hands, and our members are those who take charge and make it happen.” If you resonate with that idea, feel free to support our venture, so together, we can make the world a better and fairer place!

What We Do

Due to our extensive experience in the different initiatives, especially in the world of career development, we have found that a holistic approach is a must. Because we desire to create a world in which a fairer opportunity is present to every young person of diversity, we work in a few directions. We find and educate the young individuals, and then we help them join networks where they can access


After we connect with the young people ready to advance their careers, it is time to “lend” them a helping hand. Our foundation does everything in our power to be the so-needed positive force in the lives of future professionals. We allow them to blossom through strategic mentoring, encouragement, and genuine belief in their capabilities. With our help, those promising young people can develop the technical skills needed for further career advancement. Those new assets, garnished with their transformed internal belief systems, give the youth the power to access the bright future they deserve.


To be competent enough and capable to progress at a fast pace, all young adults need a certain set of skills. There is a requirement for generic expertise depending on the industry and in most cases concrete skill sets can be mandatory. We have a wide range of experts contributing to our cause and preparing the youngsters in both areas. With their help, the future generation can get a powerful education on how to thrive in the labour market.


For us, it is not enough to work only with the young people who have their dreams set for bright careers. The organisations and business leaders are on the other side of the equation. Our team works to change recruitment & retention practices to level the playing field in careers from the elite professions segment. Our long-term aspiration is to be also a social recruitment agency that connects our diverse talent to career opportunities at our partner organisations.

Welcome to the “Generation Success” Foundation’s website! The Foundation is a non-profit public benefit organisation with ID № 206825463, registered in the EU. We perform activities only according to our mission to advance social mobility by empowering young people of diversity to reach their career aspirations.

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