Welcome to our law mentorship program for aspiring legal professionals!

Ready to secure your dream job in Law?

If you are a Law student or recent Law graduate looking to gain valuable experience and insights in the legal field – you are in the right place. 
Our Law mentorship programme connects you with Legal professionals who will guide and support you as you navigate the challenges of starting your Law Career.


Law Firm event, a legal senior speaking in front of mentees which are law students.

Lets start with something that we bet you didn't know!

Did you know that on average, about 73 percent of consulting firms' employees are white.

And we have teamed up with our corporates within the consulting profession to address this.

Networking, Law job opportunities, Internships & Workshops.

You will instantly get in front of networking opportunities, access to unique Law Job opportunities, Law Internships and the option to attend Law events and workshops.​

Through one-on-one mentoring sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from experienced Law seniors who have been where you are and can offer valuable advice and guidance for your Law Career.

Our mentors from Paul Hastings come from various legal specialities and backgrounds, so you can be sure you will get matched per your preferences and get the senior help to achieve your career goals.

How will you benefit

  • Learn the tricks of the trade that the Law University or Collage didn’t offer you.

  • Acquire pivotal knowledge that you can use in your legal career.

  • Validate your decision-making process before taking action and applying to jobs and internships.

  • Personalised advice on developing strengths and overcoming weaknesses.

  • Avoid common pitfalls and save years of experience and money.

  • An unlimited network of Law professionals who can benefit your career growth.

  • Provide reassurance and increase your self-confidence.

  • Access to Law Jobs in the UK and International Jobs within the Legal Industry

Two law students at the Paul Hastings Office in London attending the Law mentorship

Mentored by solicitors from Paul Hastings

Who is Paul Hastings?

Paul Hastings is a globally recognised law firm with a long-standing reputation for excellence, the firm has been consistently ranked among the most successful in the United States, and they are also recognised as a top innovator in the Law industry, having been named in the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers across Europe, US and Asia.

The firm is dedicated to mentoring and preparing the next generation of legal professionals through personalised guidance and real-world experience.

Senior professionals at Paul Hastings actively engage with law student mentees, providing them with unparalleled access to legal industry insights and a wealth of knowledge that helps to prepare them for success in the legal field and for the law job market.

Time Schedule

The time commitment is only 1 - 2 hours a month around your schedule, the programme is structured providing you prompts at each stage - and the best part of it IT'S FREE

Can be held Remotely or into Paul Hastings Office in central London

It's completely free.

Today marks my last day as intern at permanent tsb. I had the most insightful experience and met such hardworking and kind people during my 10 weeks. I am also excited to say that I will be starting a new position at Grant Thornton Ireland as an Audit and Assurance administrator ahead of my Graduate programme that will begin in December where I will take on the role of being an Audit trainee whilst aiming to gain my ACCA qualification. I am excited for the opportunities that awaits me and can’t wait to get started! I would like to thank Generation Success for the 6 month mentorship programme last year for giving me career advice and helping me with interview preparation. I am so grateful !
Nicole Abrigo
Audit Trainee at Grant Thornton

At Generation Success, we work to ensure that no one’s career is determined by their birth. We do this by partnering our network of talented young people with career opportunities.

We continue to grow our Dream Hunter network of 10,000 beneficiaries, providing them with unique coaching and mentorship and partnering them with businesses who can support their personal and professional development.

Over the last 2 years we have placed over 200 people into full time roles and internships. This Law programme is designed to prepare you and connect you to law Jobs and Law Internship opportunities. We aim to help young people develop and evolve their career. We also provide bespoke early careers recruitment services and D&I consultancy for Law Firms and companies, which in turn helps to support even more students in our programmes.

Our partners in mentorships and empowering growth.​

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